Thursday, 1 September 2011

Becoming a bicycle lady

I always thought of cyclists as these cool people who do lovely things like going on outings and buy fresh fruit for their Dutch Style bike baskets. Making life plans of moving to France in the next few years made me day dream, and spent a LOT of time day dreaming of me in lovely dresses and flowers in my hair whilst I cycle through little French villages... SWOOOOOON!

So I have actually decided to invest in a GOOD bike. I had originally thought I could get a second hand one and do it up nice and pretty, but you aren't guaranteed that it will all stick together in one piece (and knowing me it would probably fall apart after day 1!). I am happy to go for a 3-speed as I am not using it for fast cycling or going up mountains. Having done a bit of research - these are some of the ones I am looking into:

Which is more in the price range I am looking for :)

Great price AND great design

Gorgeous and sleek...

Which I think I really HAVE to have

Which is about DOUBLE my price range - but it is SOOOOOOO gorgeous!

I am swaying to the Electra - I saw them about 2 years ago and almost died because they are SO beautiful...

What do you think? Any suggestions of brands that could be more suitable? I also am impatient and want it now tee hee!