Well hello there!

Me and Junko the cat

I'm Lauren, of foreign descent. A crazy mix of Welsh, Zimbabwean and South African and now English, which means my accent is a very strange mix. I'm sure I sound like someone trying to put on a 'posh' voice. I have lived in England for the past 11 years, having spent most of them up North, I am now a Londonder livin' down Saaarth.

I work in the crazy world of Advertising in the day, but my heart belongs to graphic design, granny crafts, converse and cats. This is going to be a little home of things Lady Lauren (that's me, a nickname that has kinda stuck) loves and probably a few pics of my craft, design projects and my kitty, Junko. I have partnered up with my lovely friend Jules, and our work can be seen over at Lauren&Jules

If you fancy a chat, or just fancy saying hi, pop me an email.


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