Thursday, 24 January 2013

2012 done and dusted (part 1)

With it now being quite well in to 2013 (yes I am taking a while to get in to the swing of things) I think it's a good time to do a little wrap up of 2012. It was a funny year, mainly of me not really sure what direction I should be going in, worrying about nearly being 30, feeling a bit' errrrrhhh' and working away to do normal life things like pay the bills and be comfy. But looking back now though I realise I ticked some of the 'life to-do's' off the list and had quite a productive year.

The beginning of the year Sam and I went to Johannesburg to meet my newest nephew Mika. Seeing him and Luca, who's now 3 and a half, makes me a very proud Aunty.

Everything is big in Africa, as modelled by Nix and Sam

I finished my second owl quilt, designed by the amazing Boo Davis, for my friend daughter Abi-Lou. I really do love Boo's quilt designs, and even though I am a little behind, will be making a Robot Quilt very soon! (If you fancy a quilt for yourself, or as a pressie drop me an email and we can have a chat).

The Owl Quilt

Having moved down South, we decided to take our first trip to Brighton. Which I won't deny, was mainly spent riding the Dodgems and drinking wine. We were like teenagers on a day trip without the parents. We probably needed some supervision for the decision we made, to have a lobster for dinner. Whoops.

The Barringtons

My advertising day job keeps me pretty busy, so I really do love it when I get the chance to work for my own clients. I had the opportunity to work on the branding for an amazing South African photographer Cilla Bloom, a project that just seemed to fit together from start to finish.

In June, my sister turned 30 and I was super lucky as I was her 30th birthday present! Her husband and I schemed away trying to keep it a surprise. We managed to keep it shushed till a day before her actual birthday, and I was due to arrive in to SA the following week, pretty close for two very exited people. It was really an amazing time to all be together, thanks again Dave (her hubby) for flying me out! I designed her invitions and place cards for the evening.

Happy birthday Nix

Earlier in the year I got my very first Mini Diana , which I LOVE! I am not the best photographer in the world, I am definitely still learning. But once you get the hang of it and you get your photos back it's all sorts of awesome. The only problem being, I fear a unhealthy addiction to analouge cameras might be appearing!

The Girls go to Spain and get Lomo-fied

Anyway, I don't want to ramble on too much, so Part 2 will come in a couple of days. Even though January 2013 is almost over, I hope your year has been great so far.

L xox


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