Sunday, 10 February 2013

Dinner at Franco Manca

Sourdough pizza! YUMMMM!

Went for dinner last week at the very lovely Franco Manca and it was pretty awesome! The pizza was really tasty and the restaurant is really cute! You can't book so best to get there early, we were lucky as there was a big group of us so go a table pretty quickly.

I had a the meat special (which isn't on the menu) but was really good. We also had some organic Red Wine which was better than I expected! All round, really good. Super tasty. Awesome.

I'll definitely be going back again soon!

Sorry there's no photos of the food, I got way too excited and ate it as SOON as it came to the table. WHOOPS!

I am off to South Africa on Wednesday so will have a few foreign eateries on the blog :D WOOO. I'm super excited!

L xox


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