Friday, 22 February 2013

The quickest business/pleasure trip. Ever.

Last week was a pretty crazy week. My brain is now a little frazzled. But my 7 day jaunt to South Africa was just lovely! It was a mix of work and fun. Just the way any little trip should be I think! So to sum it up in pictures:

We spent a lot of time:


Taking photos.

Eating some more.

mmmmmmm MILK TART! Best tart in the whole wide world :)


Drinking coffee.

And being silly.

It was so lovely being back. It really was. I am excited for all the bits and bobs that me and Nix will be continuing to work on together in the future. And for Lady Lauren Loves to totally be an international business lady.



  1. What's a milk tart? Xx

  2. It's a South African tart. Next time you are in London I will definitely make it for you! Englis people often say it sounds gross. But when they taste it is blows their minds tee hee :) x

  3. milk tart sounds amazing! is it custardy?

  4. Hollypopsicles, it IS! I will have to make some for you!